The front of the Graduate Living Center

Mission Statement

The Department of Housing offers quality, safe, well-maintained residential facilities.
We encourage, promote, and facilitate customer focused programs and services which attract students to our facilities and to Georgia Tech.
We provide physical, programmatic, and technological systems to enhance the quality of life on campus, to support the academic needs of resident students and to complement the academic goals of the Institute.

A Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to Georgia Institute of Technology and your residence hall community. You are embarking on the most exciting time of your life!  By living on campus, you not only have the convenience of living close to classes, but also the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, activities, and leadership roles.

At times, you will grow in ways you may not have expected; some of the adjustments you will experience may be challenging.  At Georgia Tech Housing we strive to resolve these challenges and prepare you for a global competitive environment.  Campus living offers an extensive support system such as; professional staff, faculty interaction, academic tutoring, leadership development, and employment possibilities.

Whether you are beginning your collegiate experience or continuing your education, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities which await you.   I challenge you to become an active member of your hall community, to take part in residence hall leadership, all while maintaining an atmosphere supportive of your academic goals.

My staff and I are eager to assist you in making your experience at Georgia Tech the very best.


Michael D. Black
Executive Director of Housing